• * Surface Deformation Monitoring and Geotechnical Analysis
  • * Segment Mould Control Measurements
  • * TBM Navigation System Commissioning
  • * TBM Navigation Technical Support and Spare Parts
  • * TBM Navigation and Survey Consultancy
  • * TBM/NATM Project Revisions
  • * TBM/NATM Survey Services
  • * Coring and Ground Survey
  • * General Surveying Services

Surface Deformation Monitoring and Geotechnical Analysis

Subways, which are the most effective solution to the transportation problem of big cities, are increasingly used all over the world as a common type of today's public transportation systems. It is an indisputable fact that the tunnel and surface deformations should be kept at the lowest level in tunnels passing under residential areas such as subway tunnels. Thanks to geotechnical studies and analyzes using the data obtained, it is possible to determine the systems and take on-site and on-time measures to ensure speed, efficiency and economy in a healthy way. In surface deformations; structural geology, geotechnical parameters, rock mass class, side-by-side tunnel opening and support system were determined as effective parameters. In addition, estimated deformations were calculated with empirical-semi-theoretical relations. All necessary precautions are taken to ensure that the surface deformations do not reach dangerously large values by making comparisons with actual readings.
TSS Tunnelling, with long years of experience and knowledge, always aims to be one step ahead in the project progress stage with different deformation monitoring techniques according to all possible results, and takes an active role in taking the necessary precautions by giving importance to business and human health.

Segment Mould Control Measurements

Many problems are encountered during the segment production stages, one of the most common problems is the deformation of the segment moulds and their size changes.
Possible deformations and dimensional deviations that may occur in segment moulds are of critical importance for tunnel manufacturing.
1) Threading of tunnel rings
2) Misreading clearence values so segments or shield might be stuck
3) Ring junctions won’t be healthy so there might be water infiltration and dewatering after end of advance.
4) Abrasion and bursting at segments caused by gaps between rings
5) Unbalanced cylinder strokes
6) TBM steering problems
In order to avoid the problems listed under 6 titles above, mould sets should be checked at certain periods in segment production facilities.
TSS Tunnelling experts create the necessary controls and reports in the most precise way and make the revision of the deformed molds when requested and necessary.

TBM Navigation System Commissioning

It is important to know the position of Tunnel Boring Machines(TBM) during its advance. The navigation systems with state-of-the-art hardware and software are used for position determination. Using those systems, TBM position is known, tunnel alignment can be followed, ring installations can be observed and tunnel deformations can be monitored. The commissioning of those systems, which are provided by different manufacturers, requires experience and precision. TSS Tunnelling, whom activated 5 different navigation systems at dozens of TBMs quickly and precisely, is at your service with experts who make a difference with their experience

TBM Navigation Technical Support and Spare Parts

Many different problems and malfunctions are experienced in navigation systems during the TBM advance.Problems both in software and hardware, obstruct the tunnel advance or cause the progress to be observed incorrectly. TSS Tunnelling experts reduce stoppage time by intervening to these problems remotely or in the tunnel and providing spare parts support when necessary.

TBM Navigation and Survey Consultancy

As a natural consequence of underground excavation, TBM surveying requires special application solutions as well as basic surveying principles. It is important to use all the necessary measurements and software/hardware requirements correctly in order for the navigation systems to work precisely. TSS Tunnelling experts provide manufacturing precision by sharing hundreds of kilometers of tunneling experience from TBM commissioning to the end of tunnel advance.

TBM/NATM Project Revisions

Project studies in tunnel engineering are carried out in three stages .First of these is the work to be carried out in the field, and it is aimed at providing the necessary data for the preparation of an accurate and applicable project. The second stage studies are experimental researches in the laboratory, and it is important to interpret the data to be provided here, to associate it with the observations made in the field, and to make the design economical. The last stage of work is office work; All the data obtained at this stage are brought together, interpreted, verified with calculations and made available by preparing project drawings-reports. However, as a result of changes in the data, the need for revision may arise in the projects. TSS Tunnelling carries out the alignment revisions for the tunnels with its expert staff.

TBM/NATM Survey Services

Navigation of tunnel excavations depending on the design values for tunnel construction; A three-dimensional (x, y, z) measuring network is needed, which is carried into the tunnel through the tunnel entrance structure, depending on the point system created outside for the construction in accordance with the type sections, the placement of the necessary support details, and the completion of the tunnel interior lining stages. Through the transverse and levelling points coordinated up to the tunnel entrance, tunnel excavations are started and progressed in accordance with the project. As the tunnel progresses underground, transverse points and levelling points are established and coordinated on the tunnel walls in a way that can support tunnel applications. TSS Tunnelling carries out the entire surveying operation with its expert teams or can provide supervision services for tunnel projects.

Coring and Ground Survey

Block removal operations can be done with various cutting machines, from the desired location, with the desired shape, size and diameter of the iron reinforcement with almost zero vibration and slip, without damaging. Cutting machines have been developed to be used in horizontal and vertical positions and can meet all kinds of needs. TSS Tunnelling carries out all the core operations requested during the construction process professionally with its expert staff, by complying with the building inspection rules.

General Surveying Services

Preparation of Topographic Maps
• Preparation of Layout Plans
• Preparation of Restoration Plans
• Preparation of Manufacturing Maps
• Preparation of As-built Maps
• Observation Measurements
• Lane-Road Maps
• Measures and Calculations for Volume-Cubing-Progress Payment-Quantity
• Raw Material Stock Measurement and Calculations
• Creating a 3D Land Surface Model,
• GPS Measurements (Conforming to MAPEG Standards)
• Map Digitization,
• We are Carrying out Map Drawings and Field Application Studies for the Activity.
TSS Tunnelling provides service with its professional and expert staff in general surveying works.