About Us

We continue our expertise in TBM/NATM Tunnel surveying, construction and engineering, which we started with the Marmaray BC-1 Project in 2007, by taking roles and responsibilities in many projects in the sector.
• Surface Deformation Monitoring and Geotechnical Analysis
• Segment Mould Control Measurements
• TBM Navigation System Commissioning
• TBM Navigation Technical Support and Spare Parts
• TBM Navigation and Survey Consultancy
• TBM/NATM Project Revisions
• TBM/NATM Survey Services
• Coring and Ground Survey
• General Surveying Services
Our above listed services have brought about a total of 200 kilometres of TBM/NATM tunnelling experience.

We continue to install and operate TBM Tunnel Navigation systems such as VMT, TACS, ENZAN, DDJ and PPS as expert staffs.
Our understanding of service; To continue on our way, being aware of the importance of technology in our sector, with the motto of "Always To Right Target", in order to keep our enthusiasm alive when we first started in 2007 and to add the spirit of our team to the valuable projects of our country.
With our greetings and respects to our business partners who are with us on this road and prefer us.
TSS Tunnelling Team